Gozo countryside

Peace & Serenity

Gozo. We say it is the island where time stood still. Indeed, away from the busy centre which is the capital, Victoria, one is able to lose oneself enjoying the plentiful breathtakingly beautiful coastal walks the island can rightfully boast about. Here, pacing one’s way along the narrow, sometimes rocky, passageways amidst the carefully tended fields, one admires the wild flowers, the small creatures – such as lizards, as they bask in the warm sunshine – and the magnificent views, while catching the scent of the saline rich waters of the Mediterranean which wafts through the air on the gentle breeze.

Sunny Skies

This tiny island is blessed with predominantly fair weather. Through most of the year the days are dry and warm, culminating around July, when summer heat is at it’s peak. Then many of us seek a shady spot to take cover from the scorching sun, while some enjoy it just like the lizards! The winter season compensates for it’s being relatively short by presenting some days with dramatic displays of rain showers against a backdrop of rolling thunder and flashing skies.

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