My cats

Purrr-hi! I’m Suki, and I am a feisty, temperamental little missy. I’m quiet, keep to myself usually. Mummy adopted me in 2015 when I was but a little fur ball and dedicated plenty time to me. So I have bestowed upon her the honourable role of personal cat-servant . I’m wary of unfamiliar faces and run for cover when the door bell rings. You may think I’m scared but no, I am just being cautious! Mummy says I can transform to a ninja in 0.5 seconds! I don’t care much for food. I’d much rather let Mummy be concerned about me by leaving most of my dinner. This ensures I get to try a bit of human food, which I find irristible! Indeed my favourite is fried bacon.

Miaow-aah! It’s still before 6AM, so why did you wake me? Is it breakfast time yet? Hiya, I’m Jack, and unlike my sensible, snappy big sister, I am ever-friendly and my curiosity makes me throw caution to the wind. I love to play and pounce on anything that moves, but don’t worry, I won’t hurt your fingers. I love my dinners!